Making her come with words!

I find it useful to incorporate hypnosis into the process of pleasuring a woman because…a females mind is her biggest sex organ….her body parts are just extras. You can get her extremely turned on and even give her an orgasm without ever touching her!

An orgasm as I define in many of my blogs is “a release of tension” bearing this in mind…look at this interesting definition of what an emotion is “…an emotion occurs when something happens to us which momentarily suspends our reasoning control and we are unable to cope with this event logically”….Also…consider the definition of hysteria from the same source “a state in which one is flooded by uncontrollable emotions, becomes illogical to the point of losing awareness of and contact with his surroundings and sense of reality” [from the book “respect for acting” by Hagen and Frankel]. In previous posts I wrote of a thing called PDR…pre-determined routines…and I spoke of how these PDRs are like the twisting of a rubber band and then letting go- the rubber band untwists automatically to release the tension you created in it by twisting it. Have you ever seen a rubber band untwist? It looks like a woman having an orgasm! It moves uncontrollably! Its as if…it loses control as a way of releasing the effect of the control you exerted on it! Examples of PDRs in human mating behaviour are our responses to “sexual stimulation”…but for better understanding lets call it sexual twisting instead of sexual stimulation because I want you to come to grips with the idea that sexual arousal is like the twisting and untwisting of a rubber band! Its all about that tension created or released!

As you know…the human body has many nerves running through it…these nerves can be seen as a type of rubber band…and if you get on a persons nerves…they can lose “control” and find themselves shouting at you…then say “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me” or during a crass joke you may find yourself unwillingly laughing at a thing your heart tells you that you shouldn’t laugh at and although you’re conscious of your action of laughter you’re unable to stop it….these are examples of PDRs…A pdr is the bodies pre-programmed corresponding action to a level of tension induced on the mind or body of a being!…An example of an effect that can be caused by a physical action or by words is…Laughter, tickling a person can produce laughter just as jokes can! This principle applies significantly to sex…both words and actions can individually or collectively cause the effect of an orgasm

Physically or verbally we can trigger peoples pdrs to sexual tension…We can sexually get on peoples nerves…During the beginning stages of seduction I find females playfully telling me that I’m annoying…this is an indicator of the tension creating effect their mind is experiencing…The level of tension i create in them confuses annoys and amuses them at the same time. [Different Levels of tension have different corresponding actions. Its about having the right balance of tension. Tension can make a rubber band untwist uncontrollably…but too much tension can also cause it to snap. But this is another topic…the point is…there is  a type of communication which creates the right balance of tension in her mind. I write about this in XY communication blogs…it’s the mixture of X and Y energy to create things like insulting but humorous comments…or Play-Fighting etc these are a mixture of two different energies…they contrast in nature like the twisting of a rubber band…you twist or pull both ends in opposing directions to create tension…if both ends go in the same direction…no tension is created in the rubber band. This is why “nice guys” often fail to arouse the sexual animal in a woman…they are XX in their communication with little or no Y energy to ruffle her feathers a bit and create tension…read blogs in archive to better understand XY communication].

Ok so…males are most sexually twisted by what they can see (for reasons explained in previous blogs) but females are most sexually twisted by what they can hear (for reasons also explained in previous blogs)…The energies that twist our nerves cause PDRs in our bodies….Pre-determined routines are not just sexual like the hardening of a nipple or moistening of the vagina…they are also things like screaming, crying, and laughter (as mentioned before)…these emotional states once triggered produce their corresponding action without a persons conscious decision to act. When you scream out of pain…or when you notice yourself getting an erection in public…you are aware of what your body is doing but you can’t easily reason your way out of it…its as though your body has its own mind in that moment…Its the tension in you that is controlling the action. If you can control the tension in a situation its very likely you can control the actions of the person you’re exerting the tension upon. Now lets apply this to females….go back to the definition of an emotion.

“an emotion occurs when something happens to us which momentarily suspends our reasoning control

So we can say “tension occurs when something happens to us which momentarily suspends our reasoning control” because tension is what controls the rubberband to twist until a person lets go of their grip and the rubber band untwists!

We can therefore define Tension as Control. An orgasm can therefore be defined as not the release of tension…but rather the release of Control. She has to be able to let go to really come for you! If tension (the twisting of our nerves) serves to produce emotions like laughter, crying and so on…we can say that an orgasm is in fact an emotion just like these other effects of tension. Its an emotional state just like laughter. Its not some high and mighty experience you only read of in novels and wonder if you could ever give a woman that experience. An orgasm is an emotional effect just like laughter or crying are emotional effects of different states of emotion.

Through hypnosis a person can be put into emotional states. If I can by the use of words cause you to cry…or to become angry or to laugh…then I can…by the use of words cause you to become horny and to have an orgasm…Words and actions can hurt a woman deeply, similarly words not just actions can pleasure deeply…its mind boggling to think that a woman can by words be led into an orgasmic state which men slave with their hands and body parts to bring her to with no avail…Replace the word orgasm from now on with the word release of control. Since an orgasm is an emotion and an orgasmic release is simply a release of control…it’s important that there has to be tension in the situation for her to release (tension is not only built by your words- xy communication but also through constant and random delayed actions which she anticipates- for instance whilst making out allowing your hands to hover over her r-rated zones she’ll anticipate your touch and soon enough begin to crave your touch. Contact releases tension…anticipation of contact builds). Its also important for her to be able to release control to you or to what you’re doing in the situation. So a level of comfort with you before sex will serve to heighten the experience for her and make her more able to let go…which means she’ll more likely come! Which we males desire for some reason to give to females! “The gift of comin”…What guy doesn’t want to make his woman come?! Learn how to touch not just her body but her mind!

Sex is a mind thing for females. Learning to descriptively create scenarios of intense sexual content…(like in the romance/erotica novels so many women read)…is essential…more essential than the size of your manhood. You can make her come with your words!!

Finally lets consider this definition of “hysteria” again…“a state in which one is flooded by uncontrollable emotions, becomes illogical to the point of losing awareness of and contact with his surroundings and sense of reality”….this is the sweet spot! A flooding of uncontrollable emotions surging through her! (lets rephrase it a couple ways so you get what’s truly going on)…

(1)   A flooding of uncontrollable releases surging through her
(2)   A flooding of uncontrollable releases of control surging through her
(3)   A flooding of uncontrollable releases of tension surging through her

…to the point of losing awareness of and contact with her surroundings and sense of reality….At this point your words become her reality….It’s possible and I know because I do it. Creating a state of orgasmic hysteria!

Some tips…For the twisting and untwisting of the sexual rubber band, its important to note that some actions/words “twist” and some “untwist”…Anticipation…twists! Touch…untwists!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal opinion on the subject of sexuality. I do not endorse practising sexual intercourse outside of marriage. I am not a medical professional or a certified psychologists or a professionally trained hypnotherapist so consult a professional before you choose to try any of the things in the post.

I am simply saying that pleasure is an emotional state like laughter

If one can make her laugh, you can make her come. If you can make her angry with words, you can make her horny with words…they are emotional states! The feeling like any minute you might laugh…is like the feeling that any minute you might come…the feeling is the state…the release (either by laughter or by a body shaking orgasm) is the expression of the state!

It’s the exerting of control over her then the commanding of her to release the feeling/tension inside her, thats what this post is about. its the twisting and untwisting of her!

Your language which communicates control to her….twists!

“Open your p*ssy and begin to let go as you become soaked for me”…Language which communicates release….will untwist!

“see me pressing you, strangling you, pushing you up against a wall, pulling your hair” the creation of tension by any means….then…..the release, isn’t that what rough sex is?! So descriptive language can serve to create a mental experience pleasurably equivalent to physical rough sex if not more than!

Twist Key words: biting, holding, firmly gripping, slapping, smacking, pulling, twisting, etc….you get the idea!

Untwist Key words: let go, release, open, flow out, surge through, gush, pour, flood, squirt, “find yourself coming for me! Thats it…come for me…all of it…let go….yes thats it…allow it to happen…good…don’t hold back…give me allow of it…allow all that bottled up sexual energy inside you to spill out of you…you can’t control it…just be aware of it and enjoy it as it happens to you”<< example of talking to her sexually to bring her to a point of release of tension but first you must have created that tension in her!

If she can get wet…she can have a flood!!

I do not endorse sex outside of marriage! But use a condom if you’re having it.

-Jeff Uguru
Dating Secrets

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